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Text: Kristin Nord – Sydsvenskan

Description: Kristin Nord

Published August 9, 2015

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Photo: Henrik Rosenqvist.

Good TV right now: Grace and Frankie (Netflix). The basic story is: Grace ( Jane Fonda ) and Frankie ( Lily Tomlin ) hate each other. The only reason they meet and eat seafood now and then is that their men are partners in the same law firm, and has been so for ages.

What Grace and Frankie are told in the series’ very first scene of the dish with oysters and crayfish, is that men also ‘ve slept together for ages. Specifically, in twenty years.

A fairly dramatic start to a comedy series. Fonda and Tomlin has not worked together since the cult film 9-5 from 1980, as they did with Dolly Parton . They both have a nice chemistry in the series, and even though their character is very stereotypical (Grace carbohydrate terror and has worked with facial creams, Frankie is an artist and new-age häxig) this cozy feelgood television that makes me happy. And it is fun with a series based on four people in the 65 years of age.


The series has some similarities with Transparent in the drastic humor and in that it is all about what happens in families where the retired patriarch comes out, after decades in the closet. Which feels Jill Solo Ways series smarter and more modern, but nevertheless I am thrilled to Grace and Frankie. Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston is terribly cute as the pair finally dare show their love in public.


And so these two. It specifically triggers my desire to the series is that it is all about female friendship, a friendship that in a meandering manner is emerging between these two:



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