Saturday, August 1, 2015

Who is me? – Sydsvenskan

Dear Lennart. I think it’s a shame you do not have to you the little word “the”.

It had been so fine wedged between “no” and “taken” in your remark. No. I feel good that both you and I can be that 90 percent of the Swedish leader pages – liberals in theory. But we all have a limit and my go at four points after completion of sentence. Not okay, Lennart.

You like Arvid, Bridget, signature JES and others have suggested that in last week’s column, which was about cows neighing and other essentials, should not have written “older than Me. ” Some of you have been a little puzzled, while others seem to have fallen asleep with his head on the exclamation key. First let me just say that my heart is hot as a cup of freshly-pulled chamomile tea of ​​your commitment.

As the language buffs should you think has delighted people all over the whole world right now tattooed into semicolons on their bodies. It symbolizes that the man struggled with mental illness and is meant to focus on suicide prevention. That the choice fell precisely on this punctuation is because it is used when the writer could have set point, but continued to write. See there, a nice storyline and grammar lesson in one.

Now say after me, all sweet readers: A semicolon is not a weak colon. It marks a break, somewhere between the comma and period. Point.

I usually anyway commemorate semikolonets it on 6 February each year by eating cardamom biscuits and read Axel Liffner. But there is a parenthesis.

Grammar hobby horses should be fed, groomed and nurtured lovingly. I myself have a stable full, but you hobbyhorse has no stall there. It is based namely on the assumption that “than” must be a conjunction. But it can also be a preposition, as in the sentence “The cardigan is smarter than her husband.” Nobody says “smarter than her man.” It makes might hurt a paragraph riders, but both “older than me” and “older than me” is correct.

Finally, I want request sorry that I began my answer so formal. My mother tongue teacher warned me to call strangers sweetheart.


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