Thursday, September 3, 2015

Avicii set again: “Try to grow up” – Expressen

Avicii sets the rest of the year.

The reason is said to be the Swedish world star’s busy summer.

“This is a good time to focus on myself and try to grow up in a way that I never got the chance to do,” writes Tim “Avicii” Bergeling in a statement to

There is a spokesperson for Tim “Avicii” Bergeling which confirms to that the Swedish DJ star set all their concerts during the rest of the year.

In a statement, called the gig moved to a “major tour initiative and much needed break.”

The spokesperson also refers to Aviciis busy summer, the pressure to deliver new album “Stories” and that he directs music videos for the songs “For a better day” and “Pure grinding”.

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Tim “Avicii” Bergeling says, among other things, in the press release:

“With that I move my tour next year I have a good opportunity to focus on myself and try to grow up on a way I have never had the chance to do – normal, or as normal as it can be. “

He continues:

” My team, my label and my family encouraged me to do that, and I understand that everyone in my position do not get the same chance. “

It was a year ago that Tim” Avicii “Bergeling announced the world that he would set all their commitments – the reason was when a growing concern for the DJ star’s health.

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In 2014 operated Avicii remove the gallbladder, at the same time doctors discovered that he also suffered a ruptured appendix. Just over a year before it was forced Avicii set a number of gigs in Australia after an inflammation of the pancreas.

Aviciis album “Stories”, his second in his career, is expected to be released October 2nd.


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