Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back to the 70s with Henrik Dorsin – Expressen

Elias Palin, 22, goes to the future.

With Henrik Dorsin …

– I have learned a lot from Henrik, says Elias Palin.

In Ulf Malmros feature film “Flight to the future” that is currently being recorded in Trollhättan so working film debutant Elias Palin and the established star Henrik Dorsins characters together in a record store. In addition to the record store has a completely typical of city blocks on two floors built in the studio in Trollhättan.

In the film’s action steps Elias Palin’s character into a subway car and moves to 2015 where he meets the film’s third protagonist played by Victoria Dyrstad; 26.

None of the young actors have been around to experience 1970s real. It took time to understand the times.

– I play the one character who is born earlier than my own father, so it is a bit special, says Elias Palin continues:

– The means that he has not been able to tell us about that time. I’ve got to check on some old videos instead.

Then break Henrik Dorsin in and shouts something about SVT’s open archives.

Dorsins character was born in 1933 and be in the film 70 earnings ratio may be 38 years. As old as Henrik Dorsin is in reality.

Elias Palin and Victoria Dyrstad have learned much from Henrik Dorsin.

– Good “ping-pong” as well, says Victoria Dyrstad.

The recording has not been going for very long but Henrik Dorsin has already staying in the film environment long enough to prefer the time period in front of the present.

– I would rather live in the 70s, apart from there was Blu-ray time, says Henrik Dorsin.


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