Thursday, September 3, 2015

Loading – this starts “Eternal Glory” – Expressen

Participants in the new “Eternal Glory”

Now, a new champion crowned.

Here begins the adventure for the participants in “Eternal Glory”.

Now waiting for tough shooting days in Spain.

It was a bunch of happy and excited sports heroes who met at the airport on Thursday morning.

The reason of course was the new and altogether eighth round of “Eternal Glory” .

On site at Arlanda was Karolina Höjsgaard, Caroline Ek, Niklas Jihde, Jörgen Persson, Hanna Marklund and Peter “Foppa” Forsberg, who all compete in the first group.

In the second group is Inez Karlsson, Heidi Andersson, Bjorn Ferry, Anders Eriksson Kennet Andersson and Kicki Johansson makes up about who will go on to the program’s concluding section.

Earlier, Peter “Foppa” Forsberg, 42, told about their requirements for SVT to set up the “Eternal Glory”.

He then said that the key to his involvement is the family situation. He has turned down several times, but this once flown his family with the recording of southern Spain.

– I have been asked where then I quit. But we’ve got children, and given to the family. It fits better now. I think you should wait of a year before they can participate. It was the right timing now, said Peter Forsberg and continued:

– We have two little ones, so they follow and live a bit in from. They’re in the neighborhood anyway. It felt like so that it was necessary. It’s great that the rest of the family can follow. Since taking this their time. You can not hit them as much. But those hours you get to meet them is great fun. It’s great that they have time to go with

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In group two competing World Cup 94 -hjälten Kennet Andersson, 47. He discussed with several former students before he said yes.

– I’ve talked to Anders Limpar and Thomas Ravelli and many others. We talked about it was fun to be with. I have a pretty clear picture of what it is. I turned down once, and then I do not question for many years. One would hope. Then it is that I could be 47 years.


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