Monday, September 14, 2015

Mickey Hasselvall and Martina Haag focuses on bullying – Mynewsdesk (press release)

When bullying happens all take a role, even those who think they stand outside. UR’s two new TV series explains the structures behind bullying, allows people with different experiences to tell and show that it is not only those who are vulnerable or those who bully affected by bullying. It’s about you which is led by Mickey Hasselvall caters to high school students and it is about us with Martina Haag is for parents.

This is about you sent on Tuesdays in SVT2 pm. 20:30 starting October 6 It’s all about us o nsdagar SVT1 pm. 22:00 starting October 7 .

This is about you meet Mickey Hasselvall people who are or have been bullied , persons who are bullied and those who have been part of the bullying more passive. He will also come to a painful realization – he has been a person who bullies.

In the first section meets Mickey Hasselvall the former Paradise Hotel participant Cimon Lundberg , which explains why he was bullied for several years and what really was behind. He will also meet with Claes , the father of Måns that took his life at age 13 because of bullying.

The series highlights that bullying is not just about the person who is being bullied and the bullies. Bullying affects us all. All who see but do not also have a part in what is happening. In It’s about you described the different roles in a bullying situation and gives examples of different types of bullying such as assault, harassment, ostracism and bullying. Leading bullying experts from Sweden, Finland and the United States explains bullying mechanisms based research.

It’s all about us is led by Martina Hague and targets to all parents who have children in school. In the documentary meetings, you will meet the parents of children who have been bullied and children who are bullied. They talk about how it felt from a parental perspective and what they did to end the bullying. Martina Haag hits including Mia and her daughter Julia . They have taken the big decision to leave her house and move to another municipality because Julia has been bullied in a school that has not managed to solve the problem.

The series provides suggestions on what to do if your child gets bullied or bully. Also shown are good examples. At a school in Jönköping, they work with a method where all caretakers and principal, is part of the anti-bullying work, which halved the bullying at school. And in Australia there is an architect who has been building for over four hundred schools and developed a special architecture to reduce bullying.

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