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Play Malmros and the new hit movie with his wife – Aftonbladet

From the frustration after a failed project grew a comedy about time travel forward.

Nöjesbladet’ve followed the shooting of Ulf Malmros and wife Jaana Fomins new blockbuster movie “Escape to the future” .

– This looks easy, but is difficult, says Malmros.

location is a movie studio in Trollhättan. But it looks like Södermalm in the 1970s.

For nearly four million have been commissioned to build a Stockholm street, where large parts of Ulf Malmros and Jaana Fomins upcoming time travel film “Flight to the Future” takes place.

– When you see the building can be glimpsed special skills for it to be neat. The walls look like stone, but much of it is Styrofoam, says Jan Blomgren, , producer. He points out that there is Film in the West’s largest scenography building then “Arn”.

On the street there is a record store (owned by Henry Dorsins “Bengan”), some stairwells, Kingdom Hall and a tobacco shop. Everything recreated in minute detail. The inspiration is the reality Luntmakargatan.

“Have a heart”

The scene that the press will experience establishes a street where 22-year-old “Svante” (newcomer Elias Palin ) walking hurriedly in the dark. A period Volvo Amazon runs on the rain-soaked (and artificial) asphalt.

The illusion is complete.

– It is a normal day at work. In a studio you work under very controlled conditions, says Ulf Malmros, looking out over the artificial street.

The street will later be made into the present. Since “Svante” will make a journey through time. Which is lucky for him because he has a heart that can not be resolved in the 1970s.

“Hard to finance”

When he comes to our time, the 25-year-old “Elsa” (another newcomer, Victoria Dyrstad ) that owns his apartment. Eventually, they help one another to try and save “Svante”.

Then, the street has changed shape. A tobacco shop has changed several owners and become something else entirely. A igenbommad local has become a restaurant.

Swedish movies about time travel is scarce. Just why did Malmros and Jaana Fomin do.

– It is a dream. I made the TV series “Report to the sky” and since then has not done fantasy. Because it has been so difficult to finance, says Malmros.

Crashed project

Between each project becomes reality, there are breakdowns. After the success of “Oh, Värmland” crashed anything else Malmros added several years. When the funding did not go through, he decided to write a script of pure lust. It became “Flight to the future.”

– I wrote it in four weeks and the financing worked at one time. Everyone was in, he said.

His wife’s co-director. Malmros see nothing strange about that, since her contribution has been so widespread already.

– 95 percent of all artistic decisions taken at the kitchen table. One sees here the logistics it is on a movie set. The job is done already, and this is more a military exercise. And, Jaana is the only one who dares to rebuke me, says Malmros, laughing.

– We have the same taste and humor. It is fundamental in this, said Fomin, which had previously been associated with the costume design of the film world. But in 2014 she made her debut as a director to “Oh, Varmland.”

Now, when she gets recognition as a director at his side, he believes that some “corrected”.

– When stood “a film by Ulf Malmros’ it’s not really just that. Now’ve even our oldest son become involved. So the movies are family projects, he said.

“setting the tone early,”

The budget is around 25 million. A low price tag for a movie with supernatural elements.

– We are good at managing money. You can burn five million to without being visible if you have a screenwriter who has not done the film. It is a complicated script and works like clockwork where everything must fit together. It looks easy but is difficult as they travel back and forth in time, says Ulf Malmros.

One difficulty is to get the audience to buy the concept of time travel.

– This applies to set the tone very early in the film. So people do not think critically about it, but just go with. As in the Woody Allen “Midnight in Paris” where time travel is done with a fucking desire, says Malmros.

Does it take the relationship to make films together?

– On the contrary. We’re always talking movie, even if it is not about our own projects, said Fomin.

– We see hoards of film. We eat movie from morning, noon till night. Clearly there can be conflicts. But no more than if you were working together with others, says Malmros.

The film began to be recorded in the studio on August 27 and ends Oct. 1.


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