Monday, September 14, 2015

Schwarzenegger replaces Trump – Aftonbladet

From the “Conan” and “Terminator” to charitable television.

Now Arnold Schwarzenegger host of NBC’s reality program, “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Thus he replaces the presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In NBC’s reality series “Celebrity Apprentice” competing celebrities to become the best contractor. Profit is an amount of money that goes to charity.

Today, told the channel that Arnold Schwarzenegger replace Donald Trump as host.

Donald Trump has led the program since 2008.

– Congratulations to my friend Schwarzenegger will do next season of “Celebrity Apprentice.” He will be great and will make a lot of money to charity, writes Donald Trump on Twitter.

mogul and presidential candidate also apologized to the fans.

– I’m sorry, I do not could result in “Celebrity Apprentice” anymore but the time (and the presidential campaign) prevents me from continuing. Love, tweets Donald Trump.

“Here we go”

Variety has taken note of a statement by Arnold Schwarzenegger:

– I’ve always been a big fan of the program and how it shows the challenges and triumphs in business and collaborations. I am glad to bring my experience to the boardroom and continue to raise millions for charity. Here we go, he said.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was the former governor of California. He will make debut in “The Celebrity Apprentice” in 2016.


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