Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Swedish artists who earned the most – Aftonbladet

Petra Marklund pulled in 2.8 million last year, Veronica Maggio made over ten million in profits and Håkan Hellström was SEK 31 million richer.

Here are the Swedish artists who earned most of its business in 2014.

Sweden has a lot of successful artists, songwriters and producers.

The news agency Siren has compiled who made the greatest profit with their business and many of those that reported its results for 2014 with an operating profit, ie profit before tax, of several million.

Max Martin in the top

World renowned producer Max Martin that had all 21 US chart-topping made a profit of 88.7 million crowns on one of his companies and 36.1 million in the second. With a total of over 125 million in profits is he therefore one on the list.

His sidekick Johan “Shellback” Schuster pulled in 40.5 million on his business and is third of Swedish the musicians who draw the most.

Second on the list, we find no less than DJ star Tim “Avicii” Bergeling which served the entire 41.6 million in one of his companies and 9, 3 million on the other.

Maggio earns the most

Benny Andersson pulled in 33.3 million and Håkan Hellström earned more than 31 million in their businesses.

Veronica Maggio is the female Swedish artist who made the greatest profit in 2014 of 10.2 million. Laleh earned 6.3 million and Bjorn Ulvaeus was 6 mijoner crowns richer. His ABBA colleague Agnetha was 3.6 million in profit.

Many earn millions

Other Swedish artists and producers who drew millionaire include Sheeba (4.9 million), Jason “Timbuktu” Diakité (5.7 million), Petra Marklund (2.8 million) Lars Frederiksen (4.7 million), songwriter and producer Michel Zitron (4.5 million), Lykke Li (3.4 million ) and Charlotte Perrelli (2.5 million).

Companies that are not operated by an individual artist, group, or producer has been eliminated from the Sirens compilation.


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