Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Waterboys browsing a brilliant rhythm section – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Mainly excels David Hood in the slightly dimmed “Song of Wandering Aengus,” based on a poem by WB Yeats and Bob Dylan’s sound anno 1966, also the extravagante hippie Paul Brown – as much circus horse musicians – has a lyrical moment. Brilliant.

Otherwise, this is really the “Big Music”, the more timeless and organic than when Scott established concept. That’s right fläskigt occasionally, as much is Brown’s work: he puts himself happy to swelling Hammond Chord, after having sifted from shoulder height, and like awaiting Nirvana (the state, not the band). Mike Scott himself is also as much entertainers as mystics year, sings with warmth and full presence. He is outgoing and on the bite. There is nothing tired or worn over his performance.

Steve Wickham electrified violin has by all means been a bit of a cliché, and most frayed’s that in it there dissonant riff of “We Will Not Be Lovers” I used to think was the most brazen of the whole “Fisherman’s Blues” album. But hey, it’s 27 years ago. Rock stars die when they are 27, but Wickham refuse to follow that devalued the trick to the grave.

He is not the band’s grooviest musicians, but there are songs which he certainly comes into its own. Best on Slagthuset he was probably in “The Return of Jimi Hendrix’s” where he and guitarist Zach Ernst, together filling the Hendrix revärprydda pants pretty good. Wickham also did a performance in “The Whole of the Moon” where his violin took over the ugly synth trumpet fanfare, which unfortunately makes this masterpiece so annoying whenever it turns up in the tune radio.

Though all the songs is not as hot – Boogie” Still A Freak “is embarrassing – but he makes great achievements of” Glastonbury Song “and benefit greatly from drummer Ralph Salmins which can get rather dull åbäken songs to live. The extended “Long Strange Golden Road” had a different rhythm section mostly just become tedious.

The Waterboys have never had a better drummer than Ralph Salmins. It has most other rock bands do not.


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