Sunday, November 8, 2015

After SD Dissen – now bombed Niklas Strömstedt with love – Nyheter24

Niklas Strömstedt took a stand against the Sweden Democrats in TV4′s program so much better. Now the love he bombed online.

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In Saturday’s episode of TV4 How much better could Niklas Strömstedt out hard. He gave a hefty swipe at the Sweden Democrats and racist sites Avpixlat and Exposed in their interpretation of Ace of Base song “Happy Nation”.

Now, he is celebrated on the net for his lyrics. Among other things, the Jonas Gardell :

& amp; # x201d; Hoist the flag and f & amp; # xf6; RST & amp; # xe5 ;, it can va more & amp; # XE4; n Yellow and Blue & amp; # xe5; & quot; Niklas Str & amp; # xf6; mstedt it can d & amp; # XE4; r with SK & amp; # xf6; na rhyme! K & amp; # XE4; rlek and respect! # S & amp; # xe5; mycketb & amp; # XE4; outer

Posted by Jonas Gardell on & amp; nbsp; Saturday, November 7, 2015

Although the journalist Alexandra Pascalidou and Feminist Initiatives representative in the EU Parliament, Soraya Post , liked Strömstedt interpretation.

Niklas writes on his twitter that he is grateful for all the peppery spirit comment.


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