Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gina, Kodjo and Linnea leads Musikhjälpen 2015! – Sweden’s Radio

Music Aid in 2015, to be broadcast live from Linkoping December 13 to 19, will be hosted by comedian and TV host gina dirawi, artist Linnea Henriksson and Musikhjälpen veteran Kodjo Akolor!

This year is aimed Musikhjälpen light of climate-related disasters with the theme “No one should escape the climate”. This year’s collection goes to preventive interventions to more people around the world are to survive and not have to leave their homes because of the disasters. The mission is to lead the 150-hour gathering, which this year will be broadcast live from the new host city of Linköping, has gone to the trio gina dirawi, Linnea Henriksson and Kodjo Akolor.

gina dirawi is back as host for Music Aid for the estimated participation of both 2011 and 2012:
– It is really fun to be back to the cage. This is one of the few programs that combine music, awareness and commitment. In the development that we are all going through together during Musikhjälpen-week, so the extracted an incredible warm and positive energy throughout Sweden contributes. It’s very powerful energy to take part of, and I hope that all want to continue to contribute to re-create it. Music Aid is everyone’s chance to do something good, learn something new and have fun at the same time.

Linnea Henriksson program leads Musikhjälpen for the second consecutive year and has previously helped with fundraising and self-appeared in the glass cage:
– It’s no secret that I love Music Aid, but I must honestly say that I had not a clue what I agreed to last year, I was assigned as host. I understand that now. I completely knock founded by Swedish people’s incredible commitment and it is hard to describe how powerful it was to understand that we really made a difference there, together. In a way, a little bit of me never left the cage and I’m very happy to be entra it again, with a theme my heart pounding hard. Here we go, Sweden!

The year veteran in this context is the Kodjo Akolor that makes his fifth year as host in Musikhjälpens glasscage:
– It feels so anxiously fun to be with again. I look forward to launching, more than ever, in fact! And I hope that the citizens of Linköping is preparing for full right now so they are ready to show what town is best.

Linnea Henriksson

Linnea Henriksson. Photo: Photo: Mattias Carter’s / Swedish Radio

The singer and songwriter Linnea Henriksson broke through on Idol in 2010 and participates for the second year in a row as the host for Music Aid. She was awarded the Alice Babs Jazz Scholarship in 2015 and has so far released three albums – two solo and one with the band Prylf. She has had hits with songs like “happier now”, “very much in love / Incomprehensible alone” and “Halmstad”. The P3 Gold Awards in 2013 she was named Artist of the Year and the summer of 2014 she made program management debut in “Hello P3″.

gina dirawi

gina dirawi Photo: Mattias Carter’s / Swedish Radio

The multi-talented Dirawi made known as the host, comedian and singer. She got her big break when she was two years running programs led Eurovision Song Contest, and she was there as host for Musikhjälpen already in 2011 and 2012. She has also led the Grammy Awards and twice voted the year’s female hostess at the Crystal Awards. In year-to-date with the two SVT programs “Gina’s World” – where she travels the world to meet people she is curious – and calls the program “Edit: Dirawi”.


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