Monday, November 9, 2015

Johan Lindqvist: Strömstedt-hatred is blind, deaf and hard to understand – Göteborgs-Posten

The GP’s Johan Lindqvist hope that the artist does not googling herself right now.

What was Niklas Strömstedt sang about in So much better on Saturday? So, if we really look at the text? Well, he sang that Sweden is a good country, he calls it Lyckolandet, we’re lucky to be born and must live here. He sang of a mother and her child in a boat. “They are fleeing a war where all the relatives went to, A horizon, where fear does not live, a better life, they hope and believe.” Niklas Strömstedt sang about the equality of all people: “See the world you live in, all the people we are.”

No, it’s not rock lyrics in the world. On the contrary, with all due respect for Niklas Strömstedt pen, pretty harmless obvious. Sweden is fine. War is foolish. People are important. There are things we learned already as a small child. Yet this apparently controversial. Niklas Strömstedt hailed for its courage. It is of course good, although I wish that this obvious would not have to qualify as courage and moral courage.

But at the same time threatened Strömstedt to him in a simple pop song expresses reasonable , sober, humanist views about human equality. It is to me as sad as difficult to understand. This is where we have ended up? That one of the Swedish popmusiks softest representatives can not sing the most basic lines that we live in a beautiful country, and we should take care of our neighbor.

I can simply do not understand this storm of hatred. I really hope that Niklas Strömstedt not googling herself right now. The obscenities written about him and his family will not need to read.

Some of this has fallen even in my inbox. I wrote a news text about Strömstedt song, the reactions were not long in coming. Many angry men, yes, only men, approached him.

Yes, I know Niklas Strömstedt also sang a no to, among others, the Sweden Democrats, Avpixlat and the Swedish Resistance Movement. There are many others who also do. There is no sensation, or even provocation. Everyone should by now be aware that the vast majority of Swedish artists do not put their vote for the Sweden Democrats, much less sympathize with pure right-wing extremists. An attitude they share with most of his audience.

Interestingly is really the anger is about. It is directed against Strömstedt personally. And against his colleagues so much better. That they ever will appear on TV. Since the usual vomit if pk mafia, Communist artists, junkies and the GDR media. Everything written with an equally heated by sneering superiority. I do not know if the attitude rooted in fear and insecurity or pure hubris. I can not even bother me. I probably do not need to explain how fed up I am on this type of email. Do they even watched or listened? Their hatred neither see nor hear.

In a post Facebook allows Niklas Strömstedt that with his song contributes to the polarized climate. But what is the place we have fallen when deemed polarizing singing “see the world you live in, all the people we are.”

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