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Movie review: The comedy “Rock the Casbah” – Daily News



     Bill Murray plays failed music manager on the operation in Afghanistan.

         Bill Murray plays failed music manager on the operation in Afghanistan.





Soft joking about misogyny in Afghanistan.




Soft joking about misogyny in Afghanistan.

Richie (Bill Murray) is a music manager so incompetent that he was at home in Los Angeles forced to muddle through by tricking the optimistic fake singers their money.

So, he ends up in Afghanistan. Where he repent women oppressors, thwarts warlords and rescues personally a tiny village under attack.



Did not anyone noticed something glappade in this story?

Murray goes from to fail in the US to succeed in everything in Afghanistan through the triumphal arch large holes in the plot as a screenwriter Mitch Glazer unravels the Richie before any problems.

“Rock the Casbah” is one from the outset a rancid idea stinks worse the longer Murray pulls around in Afghanistan . The most important of Murray’s heroism is that he makes sure that a young woman may participate in the country’s version of “Idol,” “Afghan Star”. A feat in a country where women can be killed for such unacceptable behavior.

But when the young Salima (Leem Lubany) well emerged proves the fundamentalist women’s opponents not be worse than Emil’s father. In this way allows Glazer and director Barry Levinson whole time the movie to undermine itself.

“Rock the Casbah” brings up something very serious, deadly misogyny, and then says that it is not serious at all. It is offensive softly. You can make jokes about horrible events, but it will be immoral if you take up such serious oppression of women and then just waving it off.

The idea is well to Murray, a specialist in making of principle to comic art, will be so funny that everything will be forgiven – “Rock the Casbah” allows itself the most in the portrayal of Afghanistan. But Murray’s patented stone dead gaze is like all superpowers its limitations: it does not work when it all falls on the dead from the start.



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