Thursday, November 5, 2015

Simon Zion want to Globen – Sydsvenskan

Fans love is However, even more important.

– When I hear the response basis, it seems that the image people have of me is consistent with the picture I want to give. It can not be better than that, he says.

What are people saying then?

– That I seem genuine and it is the nicest thing I can hear because that’s what I strive for when I make music. It hurts if I sing something that I do not stand for, it does not work for me.

Along with Martin Almgren Simon Zion year’s most experienced participants. He has a solid musical education and has in recent years made a living as a cover musicians – something he can take advantage of the competition.

– Absolutely, I’m basically not nervous, and I’m not afraid to do me away, I’ve done it a thousand times. The itch at me if I drop some words or so. It is only to tan and drive on, says Simon Zion.

Now he feels that he wants to do something of their own and this is where the “Idol” comes in.

– Sweden is a small country music and there are only a few channels to use. Either you have a pretty damn good product on your own or with a band, otherwise it’s Melodifestivalen or “idol”. This can only benefit me, says Simon Zion.

Whether he wins race matters less – however, he says he will do everything to in any case, be part of the grand final in Globen. Then hope Simon Zion on a career with exciting collaborations.

– And so I hope to have a hell of a nice band to go on tour with and print plates that I can stand for, he said.

to all the way however, he must cope with another couple Friday finals. This week is the Motown-themed and Simon Zion will sing James Brown’s classic “I Got You (I Feel Good)”.

– I will never be James Brown, so I will not even try. But what I can do is take that energy and joy as he spreads and have fun with it, he says.

“Idol” broadcast in TV4 at 20.00 on Friday.


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