Friday, November 6, 2015

The conductor Kjell Öhman death – Radio Sweden

One of Sweden’s most sought conductor and musicians, Kjell Öhman, has died. He collaborated with rows of singers, not least as a conductor for Sing-along at Skansen for 17 years.

Kjell Öhman was no genre strange, but his heart had he in jazz, and he was a virtuoso on his instrument – piano and Hammond organ. On the latter, he had an international reputation, and his highly sought musicality meant that he came to take part in no less than about 8000 recordings, ranging from Alice Babs to Ulf Lundell. It was some kind of record and it led to him becoming the first to be awarded Musicians’ Union prize Studios Even a few years ago.

Otherwise, many also remember him from the 60′s group Telstar, jazz violinist Svend Asmussens quartet, Öhman organ grinders, and the trio would be his last, with bassist Hans Hill Roth and drummer Jocke Ekberg.

Kjell Öhman was 72 years.


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