Tuesday, November 10, 2015

TV4 is notified by Strömstedt protestlåt – Express

TV4 and the Swedish Radio has been notified to the Review Board.

Many of those who have registered stating that the channels are biased to have sent Niklas Strömstedt version of the song “Lyckolandet” from “So much the better,” writes Dagens Nyheter.

When Niklas Strömstedt presented his interpretation of Ace of Base song “Lyckolandet” got the many reactions – where many felt that the song contained a political message. Radio Sweden now has been criticized for having played the song despite the political content.

In an interview with the Daily News says Jonas Westman, editorial director of music facility at Sveriges Radio, the channel has received angry calls to Sweden Radio has chosen to broadcast the song.

– It would surprise me if the song does not get reported to the Review Board, he told the Daily News on Monday.

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Even Martin Nygren, executive producer of “So Much Better” is not surprised by the reports.

– It was not really unexpected, I must say, . We live in a democracy, which means that you must notify element. But we stand behind the values ​​put forward in the song that everyone is equal in a democracy, he said to the newspaper.

In addition to Sveriges Radio has also TV4 also received several complaints to the Review Board. A total of 40 submitted to the committee.

According to the Daily News is thirty directed against TV4 because they showed interest and the remaining notifications are directed at Swedish radio played the song “Lyckolandet”.

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In one of the reports states: “The public service must be impartial, which they are not. Experiencing that it is they who create hostility in our society, it is in one of the reports on Swedish radio. “

” TV4 smear a government party in prime time and SD may be no possibility of defense, writes one of the 30 people who have applied wrapped in TV4, “it says in another report, the newspaper said.

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