Thursday, December 10, 2015

Advent Calendar reported to the Consumer Agency – Expressen

It continues the assault on this year’s advent calendar.

Now, reported SVT program to the Consumer Agency – for the children served “beer”.

“In our history has there been much alcohol and it could in principle be provided in all sections, “writes Lisa Andrae, project manager for” A Thousand Years of Christmas Eve “in a text message.

The notice that came in to the Consumer Agency on Monday says that SVT violating the Alcohol Act. The notifier, who is a parent, writes that children are served non-alcoholic beer in several sections. But in Sunday’s section went too far when Erik Haag complained about this when he said that “beer is unfortunately alcohol free” and says that children must get used to this, according to the parent.

The notification states

“In many sections served children beer. In yesterday’s section said Erik Haag that unfortunately is alcohol. Is not it inappropriate to serve children beer and then lament for the children that it is without alcohol.”

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Swedish Television advertising for alcohol

Furthermore writes parent SVT advertise alcohol and thus violates the Alcohol Act. Parents also writes that it is inappropriate for the children invited by actor Erik Haag to “drink beer” for which he says “get going” and that the children are checked if they cheat drink “.

” Thus says the saying to the children it would be better that it contained alcohol, and thus do advertising for alcohol. I had to explain to my kids yesterday that children should not drink beer. “, Says the report.

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SVT “Erik’s comment is a joke”

SVT believes that there has previously been little alcohol in their history and that it could in principle be provided in all sections.

“We have selected a few eras in which we think that it is relevant to highlight this and let the children try on. For example, in the Viking Age, the 1700s, “writes julkalenderns project manager Lisa Andrae in a text message.

On the criticism that Erik Haag urges kids to drink beer to get started responding Lisa Andrae:

“In the program it is clear that it is non-alcoholic beer and Erik’s comment is a joke”

This year’s advent calendar has previously been criticized. In a section explaining SVT what “adult beautiful” is for the children.

It had several parents to rage who argued that it was not appropriate.

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