Friday, December 11, 2015

Dare to ask tough questions to the princess – Expressen

The visit of Skavlan is a conscious way for Madden and Chris to change its image. It would be reasonable that SVT now take the opportunity to ask critical questions – instead of using the interview time to giggle, empathetic and cosiness, writes Jenny Gren Anderson from Republican Association.

Madeleine Bernadotte and her husband Chris O’Neill are guests in Friday’s “Skavlan” SVT. It is in a way a reasonable journalistic valuation. A member of the royal family who are known not to be interviewed is obviously an interesting guest.

Especially if Fredrik Skavlan solidarity with the public service colleagues who have not received a word from the Madeleine, and set their issues. For it is he doing well?

We also look forward to hearing the princess to answer how the monarchy fits into a modern democracy. How she defends her readiness, as number four in the Swedish throne, to inherit power – without having done more than that happens to be born in the family she was born? Is not that a little … medieval?

It would be terrible if SVT used the interview time to giggle, empathetic and cosiness. When else are you going to set those straight, brave questions, which assumes that the members of the royal family are adults and can talk about the form of government?

It is understandable that they are in the middle of a royal wedding. Celebrations have their time, serious sin. But if you never get serious – How to go about his mission, then? Last spring angered the head of the Swedish Radio Gavleborg even openly criticized Madeleine Bernadotte that she refuses to answer questions. The court blamed, among other things, that sounds better on the radio (yes, it’s true – read DN 4 February ).

Radio Technology has almost a hundred years worked well for sports stars, politicians and artists, but of the Swedish royal family will be problems. Is it something with the royal cast …?

When the princess now ended up in a context where she is satisfied with the recording technique, we assume that Skavlanredaktionen struck a signal to our colleagues in Gavleborg, and received the note with the unanswered questions.

The alternative is unreasonable: then let man royal house to get away with being too busy to answer questions at one end of the public service while Friday cuddles in the other.

The ability to ask critical questions speak for an interview, but there are other things that speak against. Princess’s appearance in Swedish Television on Friday will be just over 14 hours of royal broadcasts in 2015, replays excepted. “We can not send anything”, said managers at SVT before they changed the transmission of the prince baptism in October. There remains enough for SVT to prove that they do just that – sends all, as soon as the court asks for it.

at whose initiative ended Madeleine and Chris in Skavlans armchairs? SVT has previously spoken about his good “relationship” and “dialogue” with the court. Other editors ask those in power for interviews when they have something to ask about. SVT has “relationships” and “dialogues”? Is there a nice way of saying that the question sometimes comes from the court?

It is well known that Madeleine has problems with popularity figures. She has never made an effort to be popular, ducks behalf of Sweden, and go into exile in one of London’s wealthiest neighborhoods.

M AN must be violently naive if you do not see the visit of Skavlan as a conscious way to do personal PR and brush up on the rumor. Carl Philip Bernadotte gave their PR agency (they have those) and made mysteve on TV4 last fall – with good results. Now we hope Madeleine at the same power. It is regrettable that SVT as expeditiously set up.

Jenny Gren Anderson

Director of the Republican Association


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