Friday, December 11, 2015

Krister Classon bipolar: “I was feeling so damn bad” – Aftonbladet

When Krister Classon collapsed in the shower after a Stefan & amp; Krister-performance, he felt that it was time to get off the stage.

Soon after came the doctor’s statement – he was manic-depressive.

– I felt so damn bad. I knew nothing about the disease, he said.

Krister Classon , one half of the Stefan & amp; Krister, stood on stage as he both directed and wrote the screenplay for the performances. He had worked continuously for one year when he suddenly became stuck in the shower, after the premiere of “Where did you get” 1998.

– I could not get out of there. I felt that this is not wise, he says.

– I was overjoyed when I went into the shower to premiere went well, but where I realized that I need to write a new show next years, and then I have to start with it tomorrow.

The night did Krister Classon a crossroads. He would end up on stage.

Had not resulted in a year

He went to a doctor who gave him the diagnosis of manic-depressive, which today is called bipolar. It came as a shock:

– I saw no warning bells before. Someone pointed out to me that they had not seen me smile in a year. It struck me aside and told me it was because I was working so much, he says.

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Krister Classon not told about the disease for anyone, except his wife, something Halland News was the first to tell you.

– I felt it was a private matter, and the disease had probably no further connotations. It did not, people will discriminate against me now? I do not get it any more? People may have thought that the infected, he said.

not socialize with energy thieves

The calendar was booked the next two years, but Krister Classon were able to implement the last performances with Stefan & amp; Krister.

– Just that I had made the decision that I felt a little better. It was a very good therapy for me to be on stage, instead of focusing on my illness. And I knew that I was ready to get help, he said.

After years of therapy and medication was feeling Krister Classon better. Today he is doing more than well.

– I feel fantastic. I have learned not to expose me to things I did not feel good. There may be situations, but also to stop associating with people who are energy thieves. It does not mean that it is wrong with them, just that we can not socialize, he said.

“My advice is to find your own path”

Although Krister Classon not chosen to talk about the disease before, he thinks today that it is important to talk about.

– Of course one must talk about it. My advice is to find their own way. You need expert help, but then you have to look at: What are you doing badly and what can you avoid? It is very individual, but look at your life.


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