Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hague declined to be julvärd SVT – Expressen

“A Thousand Years of Christmas” is a success – 1 530 000 saw the premiere today’s evening news program.

And now, says Erik Haag that he is a past year declined the honor of being julvärd.

– I have been asked, but I declined, saying he said.

Erik Haag is currently featured in this year’s advent calendar, “A Thousand Years of Christmas”. The Advent calendar is testing he and Lotta Lundgren, along with several children to live and eat in different eras in Swedish history.

But Erik Haag also could have had a different juligt mission – namely that julvärd. Now tell “Historieätarna ‘profile that he had been asked to turn on the light in the SVT on Christmas Eve the previous year.

– Yes, I’ve been asked. But not this year. It was predicted once, but I declined, said Erik Haag.

The reason that television profile did not want the job julvärd was that he wanted to work on Christmas Eve.

– I said no because I very much want to be home with the children on Christmas Eve, he said.

How would you imagine if you got the question again?

– I do not know. If it is possible to arrange so that I may be home on Christmas Eve and do it, maybe. I want very much to be at home then, he said.

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Looks-wise, “A thousand years for Christmas Eve “a success. Last year’s opening night meant 1.233 million viewers for “Pirate Cat secret. Two years ago benched himself 1518000 to” Barna Hedehös invent Christmas. “It means that this year’s advent calendar is watching the largest in years.

Erik Haag radar partner in “Historieätarna” and this year’s advent calendar, Lotta Lundgren says she’s not been asked to be julvärd SVT, but she would like to have the assignment.

– I’ve actually never been the question of being julvärd. But I get the question, I would probably consider to accept. It would have been nice. I think I could do it quite well, she says.


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