Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Lundgren and The Hague’s new idea – after the last “Historieätarna” – Aftonbladet

“Historieätarna” runs out after next season.

Now Nöjesbladet tell that the duo are hungry to dive into a new feast for the Advent calendar.

– I apply to participate in an Easter program, says Erik Haag Nöjesbladet.

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Next “Historieätarna” said be the last season.

– There are six epochs that we have not covered, so when we made the next season is the mission fulfilled. This will be the last season, said Lotta Lundgren Nöjesbladet recently.

It got SVT to go out with that nothing was yet decided, decisions are made in the spring.

And the channel need not worry.

It’s not that successful trio Lotta Lundgren, Erik Hague and producer Karin af Klintberg will stop trip time.

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“Want to do more such programs”

For over a year they worked with Advent calendar “A Thousand Years of Christmas”, but is still hungry for more in July

– We did a “Historieätarna julspecial” where we sorted out the Christmas traditions, I think I should go television continues because there were so amazingly good, says Erik.

– I can think to do more such programs actually, Christmas program. The more you drill in the Christmas season, the more you find. If they do not have the desire to send it back – which I think they will – we may well do new stuff, a real julhistorieprogram Karin ?, asks Lotta Lundgren.

Nöjesbladet reveal Therefore, they are forced to put down success

“I want to be with!”

Now open the success of the trio up for delving into more festivities.

– I’m still completely knocked out by the fact that Easter was more important than Christmas for the Swedes before the 1800s. So I register to participate in an Easter program, says Erik Haag.

– I also want to be in an Easter program, answers Lotta Lundgren quickly.

Karin af Klintberg sits between them in the comfort of a sofa.

– It is noted, she says.

Work on the new season of “Historieätarna” will continue throughout next year, is scheduled to premiere in the fall.

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