Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lundgren and The Hague are fun, but not as fun as before – Aftonbladet

SVT nibbling on on family success Historieätarna and promises a third season for autumn 2016. Few have missed that series are now also show up as advent calendar, called A thousand years for Christmas Eve and premiering tonight.

The intro is promising: Erik Hague , Lotta Lundgren and a gaggle of children in slow exercise to soft music of Mauro Scocco , snajdade to the teeth in historical outfits. Steam locomotive! Guns! Stina Ekblad narration is an adventure in itself: “Imagine an experiment …”

Unfortunately, the effect is about the same as when the law of SHL plunges onto the ice in the fire and smoke. It looks helfränt out, but when the game well begins, it will be as quiet and empty, and the icing call after 16 seconds.

The pace of A Thousand Years Christmas Eve is trudge drama and more or less non-existent.

At least for me, the size is already dead, and that they kneaded into little pale reality TV of Bolibompa model in the dough makes neither or from.

Instead of celebrities and experts agree it is now a hostage in the form of children will eat its way through the epochs. In one section, the stataryngel, in a different Gustav III . Now and then they are taken aside for an intimate conversation with the camera. How was it? How tasted it?

As Lattjo history lesson for primary school children works this uppkokta porridge after all quite okay, and the lack of voltage offset passably of the served food that is either horrible (poached beaver) or kurios ( Raketost), and prepared by TV chef Tareq Taylor .

This time we will not have too see the hosts of the pest in the hash, yet these seem to still want to be in the center most continuously. You previously seen Erik Haag lie and garvgny in bed while he gets smeared with sticky going to see it again. It’s fun, but not quite as fun as before.

Footnote: The calendar is displayed in both BBC1 and Children’s Channel, 7:15 and 18:45 on weekdays, 8:45 am and 18:45 on weekends.


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