Tuesday, December 1, 2015

SVT criticism of the Advent calendar: “We were rather prepared for it” – Göteborgs-Posten

For some Christmas spirit and a lot of history in this year’s advent calendar. Now raging viewers on SVT’s Facebook page. But SVT says, give it a chance.

Today is the premiere of this year’s advent calendar, A Thousand Years of Christmas Eve on national television. Despite the critics seem mostly positive, were the reactions of viewers during the morning most opposite. SVT’s Facebook page called for more spirit and less history.

“A real lows of this year’s advent calendar. If the producers have taken drugs or are there any old retired history teacher who made this year’s calendar? Shame on you SVT”

“tasteless and absolutely no no programs for children. Children from 3-4 years looking at the calendar. This is bordering on abuse.”

“Sämste dung that has ever been shown, something so much Tragic calendar !!!! “

Johanna Gårdare , which is the program manager for the Child and Youth at SVT, says that they get responses to the Advent calendar every year.

– Reactions have a different focus from year to year, but they are often about it for a bit of snow, gnomes or trolls. Many have their own childhood calendars with the assumption.

She is not surprised by the reactions to this year’s calendar, since it is different from previous years.

– We were properly prepared for the . There tend to be more story and it’s not really this year. But it is not documentary so you might have to give it a chance before you go into this calendar’s own universe.

On SVT’s Facebook page many reported parents disappointed children at home in the TV sofas. Some stretched so far as to claim that those who came up with the idea “hate children.”

“4 disappointed children sat throughout the Advent calendar and wait for the advent calendar would begin. And factual program about the Vikings would end. worst possible advent calendar ever “

” What is this crap to julkalender not even the kids want to see on the “

” This year’s Advent calendar …. was a big disappointment for the children. A history documentaries. They changed the channel mid-section “

” Now the children have seen the advent calendar and despair as they say, mom a training program. Boys 8 to 10 years ……. This was the worst. “

” Did you really have no better idea of ​​the Advent calendar this year so you could just as easily run a replay.

The kids are pissed now, thanks for that. They had hoped something that followed the amazing productions Hedenhös, Pelle or thieves Jul!

But no, you wanted to drive knowledge-Christmas, and the one who hatched the idea of ​​having no children apparently, or hate kids. “

But Johanna Gårdare, Programme for Children and Adolescents at SVT, says that the reactions of the children that they and many of the major newspapers have had in their barnjurys has been very positive.

– The bulk of the negative criticism comes from adults, and I think that has to do with their expectations from the old quarters, where trolltider is a norm to go after.

It is impossible to make a Advent calendar that everyone likes, but Johanna rected tips disgruntled viewers to give this year’s calendar a chance. Otherwise, there is an open archive on the SVT website if they lack an ancient calendar.

– Next year will be the fairy tale and adventure, then it will be something else again. But as I said, even though not everyone will like the calendar this year, I believe that many could be sucked in, even in this world.


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