Friday, December 4, 2015

Noah Baumbach returns to female friendship in New York in “Mistress America” ​​- Radio Sweden

The American director Noah Baumbach’s last film, While we’re young, went up to the cinema in late May here in Sweden. And today the launch of the next film of him, Mistress America. Björn Jansson has seen it.

Greta Gervig plays Brooke, in Noah Baumbach’s new New York-comedy. Brooke shows Tracy around town, Brooke is 30 and Tracy 18, new to the college and without friends.

But Brooke, she gets a new big sister and a swirling guide in New York. Nothing seems impossible for the eternally talking and mångsysslande Brooke, although many of her ideas never materialize.

Mistress America is New York and fun in an easy way, sadly. And the talkative, the nerves in tempo, makes you think of an early Woody Allen.

Brooke is one of those that you both want and do not want to listen to, charming and unnerving. Tracy listens and writes late in secret a short story that gets stuff from Brooke. A novel that she hopes will give her membership in the exclusive skrivarklubben the school.

Mistress America is not as relaxed confident as Frances Ha from 2012, which Baumbach and Gervig also worked together, not as easy to fall for .

Frances Ha told the story in black and white, here it is in color. But there are also many similarities in both films is close female friendship depicted and all the fixation on sex, as is so common in the US relationship comedies, there is absolutely not.


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