Friday, December 4, 2015

Diary of a teenage girl – Göteborgs-Posten


Diary of a teenage girl

Director: Marielle Heller, USA, in 2015 (102 min)

It’s raining hearts and blue cats in the credits, lipstick or perhaps capsules with drugs? (a bit unclear). A cartoon penis ejaculates in the final frame to conclude the movie orgy for the inalienable track list and it all seems quite logical after what we have just seen. Or experienced, rather. A confession that hurts, makes me upset, depressed and angry, in the end still elated. For this is the 15-year-old Minnie Goetzes experiences. So skillfully orchestrated that they felt in both the stomach and the heart. It is Minnie’s life, her thoughts on the body, sex, power and powerlessness, we must listen to.

You dream and yearn with Minnie (played by Bel Powley, which finds!), End up in exposed locations, becoming humiliated, pray a silent prayer that no “unauthorized” will storm into the room and find a cardboard box under the bed with diary recorded on cassette tape. Not Charlotte (Kristen Wiig), his cocaine-revelry, boundless mother, not his stepfather Monroe (Alexander Skarsgard), not your best friend, and certainly not her nosy little sister Gretel.

Seldom has teens, lust, desire and longing after the bodies of others conveyed in an equally exuberant way. Coco Moodysson’s autobiographical graphic novel Never goodnight was converted in 2013 to the wonderful film we are the best! . Diary of a tenage Girl is an equally talented and indispensable adaptation of artist Phoebe Gloeckners graphic novel from 2002. Sara Gunnarsdotirs animation does its part. Minnie felt-tip drawings integrated into the storytelling and plays a crucial role.

We are in complete honesty, in a world where adults portrayed in anything but favorable light. Even Wiig and Skarsgard making memorable contributions in the brilliant debut as neither shy away from the darkness and discomfort.


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