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Rage against the Advent calendar: What in rumpnisse! – Aftonbladet

It is safer than snow in December.

#Kalendergate – rage against the Advent calendar was whipped up and running on schedule at 7:15 o’clock in the morning:

” What in rumpnisse? Did you really have no better idea of ​​the Advent calendar this year so you could just as easily run a replay. The kids are pissed now, thanks to it, “wrote one viewer at SVT’s Facebook page.

A Christmas tradition dating.

After the morning premiere of this year’s Christmas calendar “A Thousand Years of Christmas” storms viewers against exposén through a thousand years of Swedish history with a focus on children’s perspective. In Tuesday’s first section discussed the Viking era.

“What happens to the Advent calendar every year? I want the spirit and not a documentary form out of Robinsons for children -.- ‘Oh my God what it gets, really disappointed …. “writes one viewer at SVT’s Facebook page.

” What in rumpnisse? Did you really have no better idea of ​​the Advent calendar this year so you could just as easily run a replay. The kids are pissed now, thanks for that. They had hoped for something that followed the amazing productions ‘Barna Hedenhös’, ‘Pelle’ or ‘Thieves July’! But no, you wanted to drive knowledge-Christmas, and the one who hatched the idea has no children apparently, or hate kids. “

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It was better before!

Lotta Lundgren and Erik Hague along with thirteen children traveling through time in this year’s advent calendar on SVT.

Mom says that morning turned into disaster after quarter of an hour into the sofa:

“It had two small children at home who became jättebesvikna when they watched the first episode of the Christmas calendar. How were you there? They are from 4-15 and there was no one who thought it was good. “

Another mother joins in the criticism:” My well, they asked if they had to watch. So boring, they thought it was. “

A man says that it was better before.

” There have been many good Christmas calendars on SVT. Thinking above all of ‘trolltider’. It is not dangerous to show this in the replay. Many people have not seen it. These kids who saw it then, have become adults. An advent calendar for me is just Christmas, snow and gnomes. A little tension will not hurt.

My big favorite is’ Teskedsgumman ”. (For you are Nöjesbladet crib for Christmas peace at the side of the article).

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Some is positive

But some viewers still like “A Thousand Years of Christmas” – and the opportunity to write it to SVT.

“Amazing Advent calendar this year! Great first episode! Very well done! “Writes one.

Another even claim that it is better now than ever:

” The best Advent Calendar ever well done SVT “.

“A Thousand Years of Christmas Eve” is born out of “Historieätarna”. One of the program’s fans appreciate that it was a spinoff of the Advent calendar form:

“You deserve credit for this year’s advent calendar. Really good. One of the better! Love is Historieätarna too. “

The calendar also shares the critics. Nöjesbladet Karolina Fjellborg calls it a “modern classic” and Jan Olov Andersson writes that it “has its merits, but vettefan if it is a Christmas calendar”. Nökesbladets children’s panel gave “A Thousand Years of Christmas Eve” fine grades.

What do you think about the calendar? Do you agree with the criticism? Or do you love the program? Write in the comment field!


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