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Claire Wikholms anger: “Alling betrayed our promise” – Aftonbladet

Morgan Alling spoke out about the conflicts in “Stars in the Castle”.

Now, says Claire Wikholm that he has betrayed her – and broke a pact.

– He betrayed our promise that we would not take up any fuss, said Wikholm Nöjesbladet.

A big fights have raged for SVT “Stars in the Castle” between Morgan Alling , 47, and Claire Wikholm , with 71.

The bad mood of the television program is obvious.

In an interview with Aftonbladet explains Claire Wikholm to the “Castle” The campaign team included a pact when they saw parts of each other’s programs. Not to speak out about the conflicts.

– I feel very betrayed. When we saw ten minutes of each other’s programs so everyone said, “Oh, my God. Now the press will try to produce conflicts. This places we were not up on the, we do not.” We argue of course. Who are arguing not? But there was nothing greater than that. Since becoming everyone interviewed, and no one said a bad word. No other than Morgan Alling, says Wikholm Nöjesbladet.

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“Would not take up any fuss”

– He betrayed our promise that we would not take up any fuss. I think, and I can bear. He needs to advertise itself and wants to do it. I do not need it, says Claire Wikholm.

She points out that there is a very large material “Stars in the Castle” production have accumulated during recording.

– It is 200 hours of recorded television. 40 hours for us either. Then you realize that you can cut up anything of it. You can make me Hitler or the Virgin Mary. That’s no problem. I have not thought about it until suddenly when this terrible happened, says Wikholm.

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Alling has told me that he felt that Wikholm tried to press him down.

– I’m not interested in spending time with a person trying to put on others. You will see several programs where I do not want to listen to it. It is a person who is not capable of any other in the city center. I have encountered those personalities. Previously, I have never been angry and I have decided that I should be quiet and move on. I can no longer keep silent. So I want to show it, he says to Aftonbladet.

For Expressen says Claire Wikholm her towards the end of filming of “Stars in the Castle” became ostracized.

– Last day felt I bullied. Then was not talking guys with me. If I asked “where will we be ten o’clock?” they just walked past me. They did not answer me, as if I was not, she says.

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