Sunday, January 10, 2016

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In the media speculated about Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender will walk the red carpet together tonight, Swedish time.

Behind the scenes at the Golden Globe Awards rips organizers seating hair.

Veliga stars, hubris-afflicted film company managers and lying actors pose problems for problems.

One day before the television broadcast from the red carpet would be launched wrestled still with plastic roof to be or not to be.

The meteorologists predicted no rain did not give the involved lower pulse. Little has been learned from the fiasco a few years ago when a number of celebrities had both evening dresses and hour-long hair and makeup preparations for tens of thousands of dollars destroyed.

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Out in last hour

At noon yesterday conducted the gala host, Ricky Gervais , a generalrep. It was as heavily guarded as a nude scene in “50 Shades of Grey”. The controversial comedian stood silently with her head down and refused to get up on stage until the ballroom cleared of all but the very next.

So here before the prizes distributed, the question is whether he, after all, is not the big winner in the 73rd Golden Globe Awards.

After Tina Fey and Amy Poehlers successful hosting of the past three years, wanted no star shouldering the mantle.

Gervais, however, announced early on his interest.

But instead of contracting him curled time. And as far forward in the autumn started to get panic, he sat in a golden situation.

There is talk that he received more than a million crowns for the three-hour broadcast, more than twice as much as he pulled in later in the day.

Lied to avoid having to participate

Equally difficult it seems to be getting presenters to set up – even gifts on tens of thousands of crowns.

Veli Gast was Kurt Russell movie to date in Quentin Tarantino “The hateful eight”. On Thursday morning, he would not stand. Hours later assured film company boss Harvey Weinstein that Russell was certainly on, while the star himself a moment later claimed the contrary.

So there it went on, back and forth all day. First, in the evening – when the batteries in the handsets coming to an end – gave Goldie Hawns husband to end the resistance.

From the Justin Timberlake and Chris Hemsworths camps have nobbarna excused that they are away.

Both should be liberally been when they last Thursday appeared on a celebrity party – the heart of Hollywood.

Tar to fulknep

There has been extra hard to get people to set up this year, says one of the Golden Globe organizers.

– Oscar organizers are working against us. The presses stars to only be there for them.

For the coming film companies treat.

Many of them are convinced that the universe revolves around them and demands to place at the best tables – all appear in the box.

– If they do not, it threatens to keep many stars “at home”.

But the fulmetoder are ugly motvapen. Or as a respondent says:

– We say yes, of course. Then we place them at the last moment.

In the night we will see if it results in some scandalous scenes.

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