Sunday, January 10, 2016

Penn can be interrogated after El Chapo interview – Expressen

The day after Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, 58, was arrested in Mexico published the magazine Rolling Stone interview that actor Sean Penn made with the drug lord.

Now, Mexican authorities interrogate Hollywood star of the meeting, AFP reports.

Sean Penn’s interview with cartel leader Guzmán, who twice escaped from högsäkerhetsfängelsen in Mexico, published late on Saturday. Just one day after drug lord again captured by Mexican authorities. Among other Guzmán denies any responsibility for the large number of addicts in the world.

– This is false. The day I no longer exist, the dope smuggling not decrease, he said.

The meeting between the Hollywood star and Guzmán must have taken place in Tamazula , neighboring state to Guzmán’s home state of Sinaloa, at the end of 2015. An anonymous source in Mexico’s federal police told AP it was the interview that led them to drug lord, though Sean Penn says he did everything to not reveal the meeting.

Can be investigated for criminal

Now, the Mexican authorities interrogate Sean Penn, according to an official source told AFP.

The article writes Penn to Guzmán wanted to make a film about his life and that he wanted to have with the Mexican actress Kate del Castillo, who will have arranged the meeting, in the project.

“He was interested in seeing the story of his life is told in the film, but he would only leave his story to Kate” writes Penn.

According to another source, it is uncertain whether Penn or del Castillo, who arranged the meeting, done anything criminal.

– They’re not journalists, said the source told AFP .

Mike Vigil, former high ranking within the US Drug Enforcement Administration, would they certainly hear Sean Penn about the meeting. But it is unlikely that he can be served on suspicion of a crime.

– I doubt that they will be accused of crimes even though Sean Penn took extraordinary measures to prevent authorities from using his phone to track the person sought says he told AFP.

The authorities should have tracked Guzmán to a country house in the state of Durango in October. But when they struck, they chose not to open fire because Guzman was in the company of two women and a child. He got away.

But they managed to track him to the house in Los Mochis, where Guzmán then found on 8 January. He almost got away this time, but was arrested in his car on a highway outside the city.

Can extradited

After two escapes announced a Mexican government source told AP on Saturday that Mexico for the first time are ready to disclose Guzmán to the US, where prosecutions for drug smuggling waiting Guzmán in several states.

– Mexico is ready. There are plans to cooperate with the United States, said the source.

The source said, however, that a possible extradition might take. It should first be a long process where the drug lord repeatedly will appeal.


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