Friday, February 12, 2016

After Dark retire – do the last show in the fall – Aftonbladet

The show must go on, at least for a little while.

Now pull After Dark back in the ring and run their last show ever.

– We have been doing for 40 years, now it is hell enough. It’s just us and the Rolling Stones being so long, says the artist Christer Lindarw.

Christer Lindarw sounds a bit stressed. He is at Rondo in Gothenburg and check out the scene when Nöjesbladet calling. In the room, he put up his last show, “This is it”, in September 2016.

– I feel it’s very large productions we do. Now we started with this show at Rondo. When it is completed late, I’m 65 years old. Then after I retired and then I can start to withdraw my pension. I know that it will be the last big production we do, then I say not this will be the last time I stand on stage, I do not.

To end grand

no, the last time on stage will probably not be for Lindarw. For 40 years he acted, best known as the drag show group After Dark. Now the plan is to finish great.

The show will not only contain the glitz and glamor. Lindarw also want to share some of that time where it all started and what a trip Sweden made during the 40 years he owned the stage.

– I want to tell you about After Darks career and weave it together with the spirit of the times was when we started. When we started gaysen be a silent group that did not exist either in the media or anything else. It was very hush hush then, there were no openly gay in the first place when we started.

Short of successor

Dragshow The scene was born with Lindarw and seems unfortunately also go to the grave with him. He sees no natural successor as managing his legacy and the genre he has built.

– There is a sadness. I know that there are and have been some small groups that kept on and some features artists such as running, but there is no one who came through the club stage and doing the big shows as we do.

After Dark will participate in the contest of the year, namely in three races. And it is also probably his last show even on the music scene.

– Yes, I do not know but that I guess. there are not many who are medbjudna my age. I would think that there will be so much more Eurovision for us after that.

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Want to go to the finals

Earlier, the group performed the song “La dolce vita”, which was an obvious success story. This year’s contribution will be as glitzy spectacular.

– I believe in it, I like the song as hell. I do not go in to win the whole thing, but it would of course be happy to go to the final. Or become disqualified, it seems the be popular. We shall see, profits or washing, it is what counts.

Christer Lindarw have not become melancholy yet over the last show and potentially the group’s last participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, is approaching.

– should we stop then you end up with a lot, I think. Then I lay down on the divan and eating grapes, as they believe that stars do. Though in my case it’s more milk and mandelkubb, but you do not write.

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