Sunday, February 7, 2016

Bodil Malmsten on his last work – Sveriges Radio

Bodil Malmsten told me about it last year when she visited the Swedish Radio.

– The text of the book came to after I experienced a personal loss. It hit me four years ago. It was not surprising that it hit me right. For there are very many people who suffer from a loss of the person who means a lot to them. But this time, I experienced some kind of requirement that I would formulate the loss. Where the requirement came from, I can not answer.

Bodil Malmsten gave out thirty books during his long career. There was everything from poetry, drama, prose, scrapbooks and logbooks.

Eva Bonnier was her publisher since the mid-nineties, and describes her as meticulous and assertive when they applied to the work of her books.

– she was a person of strong opinions that could be pretty fierce if she wanted to. But she was basically a big heart and a big heat.

Bodil Malmsten has become a beloved, revered and awards for his writing.

She lived over 10 years in France, but moved back to Sweden in 2010. the same year she also Litteris et Artibus medal, for outstanding artistic achievements of king Carl XVI Gustaf.

Bodil Malmsten told himself about his cancer on Twitter in early 2015. Despite the illness she was out in the country and appeared on bokuppläsningar, even in the latter part of her life when she was sick, telling her publisher Eva Bonnier:

– There she made with an incredible success and received then also big ovation from the crowd for his efforts.

and to Bodil Malmsten is no longer with us is a great loss, says Eva Bonnier.

– it is sad that her voice will be no more.

But despite death us do so not lost love – This is it! To believe Bodil Malmsten’s own words, as she formulated them when she visited Sweden Radio last year.

– No love will not disappear with death. The love is still there. So is it!


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