Friday, February 12, 2016

Gina dirawi chaos on the scene at the dress rehearsal – Expressen

Here is gina dirawi miss during the dress rehearsal for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Host stuck with the dress on the stairs and came off.

– Now you Gina dress chaos, she says from the stage.

gina dirawi had a disappointing start to the dress rehearsal for Saturday’s live broadcast of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Early in the program was TV host namely a miss.

When she would introduce Molly Pettersson Hammar song “Hunger” broke her dress. The host would go down a staircase when the dress got stuck in a step.

gina dirawi joke after the miss

gina dirawi first came off. Then she joked:

– Now you Gina dress chaos, she said, and laughed.

But the miss was not the first. Earlier during the dress rehearsal suffered gina dirawi of another clothing mishap.

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When she managed not to change dress between numbers.

– I did not dress on the dress. But calm, I have time later, said gina dirawi from the scene.

SVT had to write about half the script after Perrelli poked as hostess. It meant work late into the night for the hosts.

– I sit with the color of the hair and should just paint your toenails. Such must be done at night after all the ropes. We have stayed at the front and back with the script. I’m with the input. There will be a different shape. It may not look like I occupy a precise program leadership, said Perrelli earlier and continued:

– Right now you can not it yet. One must keep on scratching. The last thing to do before going to bed’re reading the script. Looking through the lyrics of the songs to do, and when you have costume changes. Things you from began to believe they had an eye on, but that has become a little different.

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Perrelli joked SVT petningen

During the program joked duo also about the fact that Charlotte Perrelli poked as the host of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Suddenly Charlotte Perrelli in the audience, where she sat and ate popcorn.

– What are you doing here Charlotte, asked Gina.

Charlotte Perrelli said.

– do not worry about me. I’ve gotten a little off and have time to spare. So I thought a little peek. I have never seen the Eurovision Song Contest this, said Perrelli.

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