Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hannes Holm makes television series in India – Sydsvenskan

The series, which will three-hour-long sections, recorded in Malmo and New Delhi in India and is about middle-aged man Göran Borg (Björn Kjellman) whose life has stalled – until he unexpectedly meets the love in India. Then his gray life a new turn.

– It is important to understand the story before committing violent grip on it, because when you transfer a book to the movie must unfortunately only slaughter the entire book before building up the. When I make someone else’s story, I want to do it justice, otherwise I might as well have written “Antwerp ugliest feet,” said Holm, laughing.

In addition to Björn Kjellman shows including Christopher Wollter, Vala Noren and Fredrik Gunnarsson in the series – in which all the talk of Skåne.

– I want Malmo to feel real. Björn and I have worked in the past and now I want to push him even more. He is a good friend so it will be like exposing their brother to dangerous experiments, says Hannes Holm.

At Guldbaggegalan won Hannes Holm’s latest film ” a man named Ove “three awards. Among other tricks Rolf Lassgård statuette for Best Actor. The next project will be, as opposed to “Ove” and “Delhi” as he calls them, its own story.

– I long very much for writing your own original story, it’s really the time but it will be the first for this project, said Hannes Holm.

“Delhi’s most beautiful hands” will premiere on SVT in late 2016.


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