Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rikard Söderberg is this year’s gay – Sveriges Radio

– I have not started to grab it. For me this is huge – so fine it can be said Rikard Söderberg.

“To have met hatred with song and love, “reads the jury’s verdict.

– It is the most beautiful justification imaginable. In the world we have, which is becoming more and more chilly, we need more ambassadors of love and tolerance.

What should you do to focus on love?

– we will lift each other, give each other space, tell each other how beautiful we are – inside and out. It is like not doing enough.

Another opera singer , Malena, was named the year’s straight on gaygalan on Monday. This year’s special prize was awarded to Richard Wolf.

– It’s a totally wild affair and huge stack mood. It is so incredibly hearty, says Rikard Söderberg of the gala.


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