Tuesday, February 2, 2016

US eases Music embargo on Cuba – Vasterbotten Courier

The United States Department of the Treasury now allows US citizens to monetize music in Cuba, reports Billboard on its website.

Previously, American musicians perform in Cuba but only if the economic benefit for the concert went to a non-governmental organization in Cuba or a US charitable organization.

The new rules make it easier for artists to perform at the island where they now also no longer need a special permit. The organizers must still ensure that the Cubans have access to events at a reasonable price.

Americans who want to earn money on sporting events in Cuba have also been given the green light and the rules also facilitates film and television companies to film in the country.

The new rules are a step by many in recent times to improve the relationship between the two countries. The milder tones of the former Cold War enemies took off in December 2014 and in July last year resumed Washington and Havana diplomatic relations after a break of 54 years.


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