Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Frans song in the Eurovision Song Contest is being investigated for plagiarism – Aftonbladet

The Frenchman made a hit with her song “If I Were sorry” in the contest.

Now he is accused of plagiarism – many argue that it sounds like Matt Simon’s “Catch & amp ; release “.

– The songs are incredibly similar. We can conclude, then what that means, I dare not even go into, says Henrik Nyström, general manager of PIAS Recordings in the Nordic region, Expressen.

on Saturday vying Frans Jeppsson-Wall in the Melodifestivalen final in Stockholm.

Already in the race in Gävle heard several readers to Aftonbladet, saying his song “If I were sorry” had many similarities with Matt Simon’s song “Catch & amp; release “.

Many have also been in touch with Matt Simon’s record label PIAS Recordings, whose headquarters in London now investigating plagiarism, according to Expressen.

– I’ve only had time to listen once quickly but can state pretty quickly that the similarities are striking. We are looking into it now, says Henrik Nyström, general manager of Pias in the Nordic region to the newspaper.

What did he really? Frans what happened after Gina Zlatan jokes

Artist Matt Simon released “Catch & amp; release ‘itself in 2014, but the song was picked up by the record company. It became a big hit in several countries, including Germany.

The French press contact at Sony Music, Tove Blum, would not comment on the incident, but writes in a text message to Expressen that his personal opinion is that the songs are not equal.

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