Monday, March 7, 2016

Here is Springsteen’s crazy Gothenburg Records – Göteborgs-Posten

Hakan Hellstrom has attracted the most people in a single night. But in total, Bruce Springsteen an unbeatable record at Ullevi.

Home Son Håkan Hellström is the official public record of the Nordic region’s largest arena, Ullevi Stadium.

69 349 people were on the already classical concert on June 7, 2014. in the summer returns Håkan Hellström Ullevi for two more gigs, then hope is surely burst the dream threshold of 70 000 people.

But Gothenburg’s second great rock darling Bruce Springsteen would not be worse. On Monday, he sold out his third concert at Ullevi summer. Springsteen played at Ullevi first time the summer of 1985, making a total of eleven evenings of summer concerts at Ullevi Stadium.

All three concerts the coming summer are currently sold out. If we expect that they attract 66,000 people, which is about as many as the last visit in 2012, landing the total audience figure for Bruce Springsteen at Ullevi on staggering 689,748 people.

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Springsteen’s audience celebrations at Ullevi

8 June 1985-64312

June 9, 1985 – 62 544

June 21, 2003 – 57 441

June 22, 2003 – 58 310

4 July 2008 – 57 942

5 July 2008-58620

27 July 2012-66018

28 2012 – 66 56


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