Friday, March 4, 2016

“House of Cards” and the American reality – Sveriges Radio

In one of several trailers, designed as fictional valfilmer, before the fourth season of “House of Cards” get photos of smiling children and sunny landscape company of the American drama series’ infamous presidential candidate Frank Underwood, who backed up by his wife Claire has never spared no means to power climb ladder. With steady gaze straight into the camera, he says he “just begun”.

The series’ fourth season has been described as more realistic than before. But maybe it’s not the series, but the political reality that has changed the tone. It says freelance journalist and US policies nerd Andreas Utterström.

– If you compare the “House of Cards”, where everything is about power for power’s sake, with, for example, “White House,” which of course came to a 15 years ago, so it’s very big difference. In the “White House” is the young idealists who make the world a little bit better, and in the “House of Cards” is much darker and deppigare, more “Breaking Bad” -aktigt firmly in the political corridors. It reflects very well how many look at the policy.

To a person like Donald Trump met such success in the ongoing US presidential fight suggests that reality and fiction has approached another, think Andreas Utterström.

– I think that reality has become so absurd now, that even an absurd TV series where the vice president pushes a person in metro so that she dies is experienced as it actually could happen, and it depends a lot on Donald Trump and above all that he has brought with him the other candidates to play by his rules, ie no rules at all, he says .

In one of the fictitious valfilmerna says Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, we get the leaders we deserve.

Can I also say that we have the political drama series we deserve?

– Yes, it’s a pretty good summary. And there’s a whole in the drama series a trend that it will be very depressed and dark, so it is clear that it is grateful to pick up these dark streets and bizarre personalities found in American politics and then merge it into a series “House of Cards”, says Andreas Utterström.


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