Monday, March 7, 2016

How much does Samir’s clothing coup – Aftonbladet

SEK 50 000.

How much can SVT come to pay for Samir Badrans tröjkupp in Melodifestivalen “Second chance”, although the channel showed the artist in advance.

– There’s not enough to tell, but the channel needs to ensure that it does not happen, says Rebecca Parman, a lawyer for the agency for press, radio and television.

on Saturday klädkuppade Samir Badran , 25, in Melodifestivalen “Second chance”.

Despite repeated admonitions from SVT that no clothes were allowed in broadcasting selected artist to revel whether a brand sweater – with pressure “Stussy” visibly – which then appeared in the live broadcast from the “green room”.

SEK 50 000 in fines

Now the Public Service -The company SVT, and thus the license payers, get finance Samir tröjkalas. Folds channel of the review board waiting probably a fine of 50 000.

– In all similar cases in recent years, regarding the trademark exposure to clothing in television, it has been about SEK 50 000, says Rebecca Parman, a lawyer at authority for the press, radio and television (SBC), and adds:

– In cases where the broadcaster (SVT) is deemed to have control of the set and the situation it is not enough to say, but the channel must see that it does not happen, she said.

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Has happened before

Last year was convicted SVT in a similar case after the skier Marcus Hellner sponsors had clothes on in the broadcast. SVT claimed that they had done what it could to prevent the situation in advance, but since they had control of the recording was convicted channel of the review board, and had to pay 50 000.

Reach critical

the number of people reached by the program in which exposure is also important.

– There are a lot that are considered when making the assessment. The extent of exposure, how long and how clearly mark appears, and the scope of the program are some things that come into play, says Rebecca Parman.

Melodifestivalen “Second Chance” had almost three million viewers.

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