Friday, March 11, 2016

Spetz took revenge against their bullies – Expressen

Here is Williams Spetz joke in the Eurovision Song Contest as the crowd acclaimed.

During the dress rehearsal called the program host in a sketch up a person provoked him to take revenge – and got replies Speaking.

– you know what Gina? Tonight we look ahead, he said from the stage.

William Spetz is this week’s guest host the Eurovision Song Contest.

During Friday’s rehearsal for the finale direct broadcast Spetz o joked that he would call a person who angered him during the school years to take revenge.

– I’ll call a high school buddy. I know that tonight is good to get revenge. In eighth grade, there was a girl who teased me that I had an eyebrow. She even made a song about me, ‘he said from the stage.

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William Spetz joke in the Eurovision Song Contest

Since portrayed Spetz call.

– Hey. It is William Spetz from 5B. Spetz. S P E T Z. It goes pretty well for me now Jenny. It rolls on, so to speak. It has the fish in the net. Mask in the stomach, he said and continued:

– What did you say? Yes. I’m just the hostess tonight. What I do on other days? Then I’m unemployed … job. A cashier is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a social safety net. I am one with the community.

The joke continued:

– What do you do? Broker? In New York? Your boyfriend then? Yeah. Also brokers. You know what Gina? Tonight we look ahead, he said from the stage.

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William Spetz joke hailed

The joke tore down great laughter and cheers from audience.

yesterday acclaimed gina dirawi its program management colleague.

– it will be fun to do it with William too. So people, you do not understand. He will make such a success. You know when it was like this Gina blah blah, that first year. So will it be with him this time. People will love it, said gina dirawi and then turned to William:

– You are good. People should know that you are good. I do not like to do things small when they are not. You are good and you are cruel, and people should know that.

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