Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The favorite Frenchman accused of plagiarism – Swedish Dagbladet

Frans Jeppsson-Wall Photo: Jessica Gow / TT

Frenchman has already made hit with “If I were sorry” and counts as one of the biggest favorites to win the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday in Stockholm.

now hails accusations of plagiarism, according to Aftonbladet. It resembles namely the American singer Matt Simon’s “Catch & amp; release “. “The songs are incredibly similar. We can conclude, then what that means, I dare not even go into, “says Henrik Nystrom on PIAS Recordings in the Nordic region, Expressen.

Now, PIAS Recordings headquarters in London to examine the similarities.

“Catch & amp; release “was released in 2014 and became a hit in Germany, Belgium and Holland. Tove Blum, who is Frans press contact at Sony, wrote in a text message to Expressen that “my personal opinion, now that I heard two songs that I can not hear the resemblance.”

“If I were sorry “is one Spotifylistan in Sweden and is also the most played songs of all involved in the final on Saturday. It is rare for accusations of plagiarism leads to dishwashing even when the similarities are striking. Even Måns Zelmerlöw Eurovision winner “Heroes” was accused of similarities with David Guetta “Lovers on the sun.”

“Catch & amp; release ‘also became a hit when it was remixed by Dutch house producers Depend 2015. It was number one on the Belgian charts and also in Germany, France, Australia and Switzerland.

Listen and decide for themselves.

“If I were sorry” with Frans

“Catch & amp; release “with Matt Simons

” Catch & amp; release, “Depend remix


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