Saturday, March 12, 2016

The joke about the Frenchman: “It is well to take in” – Expressen

The favorite, got a boot during the dress rehearsal of the Melodifestivalen final.

Frans Jeppsson-Wall’s Zlatan song was taken up, then joked William Spetz of the artist’s maturity:

– Now he has matured, become a real man. Or, yes, it is well to take in.

Melodifestivalen rehearsal got favorite tipped Frenchman himself a swipe of TV host William Spetz.

Again, it was Zlatan tribute up:

– the next artistic breakthrough when he was seven years old, I’m talking about Frans. Jajjemen, in 2006, it sounded like this, said William Spetz.

William Spetz: “A real manboy”

After it was played Frans Jeppsson-Wall’s Zlatan tribute up.

– the song was a huge success, the fact is that I, and the French are equal, I have also made a tribute to my sporting idols: “No sweeping the ice like them, curling team,” sang the host and continued:

– Now he has matured, become a real man. Or, yes, it is well to take in, but a real manboy.

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After joke, the young artist entered the stage – without a hat. After the performance told William Spetz that now there is a vote on whether Frans will occur more or without a cap tomorrow in the final.

– I like the overgrown hair, said William Spetz.

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Frans tops Spotify

the Resurrection around Frans Jeppsson-Wall’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest has been great.

His song, “If I were sorry”, tops Spotify list in Sweden and is the great fancied for Saturday’s final of the Eurovision song Contest.

But in recent days, many reacted to the artist’s song on many ways similar to the American artist Matt Simons hit “Catch & amp; Release” from 2014. the data have been earlier in the week reached Matt Simon’s record label PIAS Recordings, which is now investigating the matter.

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