Saturday, October 8, 2016

Cameron sawn after its strong history – Expressen

Cameron, Jai, 16, told an emotional story about how it feels to live in the wrong body.

Then he did his utmost on the scene to convince the jury after last week’s harsh criticism.

Despite the slabs he was brutally murdered by Nikki Amini.

“I really see that you develop longer,” she says.

the Evening’s theme of “Idol”, which is now in its second Friday finale, is “this is me”. The idols have been allowed to choose songs that they feel represent them as persons.

Cameron, Jai, one of the big favorites in this year’s “Idol”, had a lot to prove tonight, after having been cut by the jury during last Friday’s finale.

Before his appearance told Cameron, Jai, who was born as a girl, asked how it felt to live in the wrong body.

” It was a long process to know which sex I was. I was pretty feminine until I was 8-9 got gamma and fixk a couple of killbyxor of a friend and just felt that I want to be. Now I’m a guy and don’t have to do feminine moves on stage that I was uncomfortable with. Artist and trans can be difficult – it should be a certain way.

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A story that touched many in the audience, not least to the jury. But when Cameron Jai, who sang “See you again” with Wiz Khaliffa and Charlie Puth, was finished, saw the jury was worse.

– Cameron I like you a lot, you are a great asset in the “Idol”. You are a great role model for many. However, I think that you should think about when you select the songs and what key they’ll go in. Look some more on your first week, it was the perfect melody for you, ” says Fredrik Kempe.

Nikki Amini delivered one of their hardest sågningar so far in “Idol.”

– Cameron it, I start to think about more is whether this is too early for you. I really see you progress further. It does not go forward for my part.

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Quincy Jones III, was slightly kinder:

” I appreciated that you took my advice from last time and put it in one rapp. It allows you to get away from Justin Bieber-direction. It is where it feels safe for you. The only thing I wonder is why you chose this song to represent you.

When Cameron Jai was interviewed by Pär Lernström afterwards, he appeared to have a hard time finding the words.

” I really don’t know if it is too early for me. But no, I think not. But there are a lot of nerves for me now, maybe it is. You do not think that you are affected by it when sitting in the couch, but once you are on stage, you think only “oh shit”.


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