Saturday, October 8, 2016

The jury is – in spite of their idol’s criticism – financial times

Feliks Parik was told that he was hästlängder after his friend Liam Cacatian during Friday’s Idol.
the Friends agree that the comparison is not fair, but the jury is fixed.
– There is no weirdness, ” says Nikki Amini.

During Friday’s Idol were the two participants and friends, Liam "Liamoo" Cacatian and Feliks Parik against each other when the jury delivered their reviews. Feliks was told that he was not at all reaches up to Liam’s level, who just received a standing ovation from the jury.
– If you compare yourself with Liam so are you hästlängder after. The song was not strong straight through. Every time I see you on stage, I wonder if you feel something when you sing. You must be able to convey a feeling. It is completely polished, ” said Nikki Amini during the program.

Fredrik Kempe agreed.
– You must try to match your friend Liam and tell the story about yourself, ” he said.

"Feels unfair"

Liam and Felix have found each other and call each other ‘brothers’. Both believe that the comparison of the criticism is unfair.
– It feels a bit unfair if I’m to be completely honest. I do not understand how you can compare a rapper and a dude who sings acoustically, ” says Feliks.

” I don’t think really that one can compare me and Feliks. We are two completely different people, two completely different artists and have two totally different tastes. It feels not fair. We are great friends but musically, we are not equal anywhere, ” says Liam.

"It is like that in real life"

Both Amini and Kempe stands firm in its criticism and the fact that they compared his friends so clearly.
– Thus it is so in real life. When you are going to be an artist so you will always have competitors. There is no weirdness. They compete in the same competition and are on completely different levels. Feliks have to work considerably harder than he has done so far, ” says Nikki Amini.

Fredrik Kempe are on the same track.

” Liam is doing right now is that he is himself. He tells his story and it is what we lack at Feliks.

He continues:
– There are two artists that compete in the Idol and then you have to be able to compare them. Now they get totally sit down and help each other. Certainly, we compare, but it is a constructive way to get them to become better, ” says Kempe.


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