Sunday, October 9, 2016

Camilla Läckberg writes songs for Her – Aftonbladet

On 4 november release dansband Her new album.

Two of the songs are written by the crime writer Camilla Läckberg.

– A priviledge of having contributed songs to one of the greatest bands, she writes.

schlagerskandalen Läckberg: "don’t always as planned" Author Camilla Läckberg continue to make our mark in the music world. In addition to having written the song "A sky for two", in the contribution which Anna Book would have performed in the Eurovision song contest, she wrote also this year’s official Stockholm Pride song "Love we are". Today, she reveals on Instagram that she has written two songs for the Her upcoming album.

"Rooted in the Swedish soul of the people"

– Is just that I am in love with the songwriting – have yourself a incredibly wide låtsmak and is so insanely fun to get the chance to switch between genres like pop, rock, schlager, dance band, country and more. But just dance is so incredibly rooted in the Swedish soul and a priviledge to have contributed songs to one of the greatest bands, she writes, among other things.

Met during the "Mellon"

the Songs "Choose you again" and "I give you my heart" is written along with the Pelle Nylén, Lennart Wastesson, Sven-Inge Sjöberg and Larry Forsberg, but it is Camilla who stands for the lyrics. For Nöjesbladet tells Wastesson on cooperation.

” We met during the "Mellon" last year, when we wrote the Anna Books let and then, we felt that we should continue to write together. The songs are not specifically written for Her, but it was the record company who told us that the band should get the songs.

Pure love story

According to Wastesson is "I give you my heart" a pure love story and he describes it as a happy song that smells a little older.

Camilla is really good at writing just such kärlekstexter. We will absolutely continue to work together in the future and I think we will hear of us to each other as soon as one of us gets a new request, ” he says. SEE ALSO – A long-standing dream come true


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