Sunday, October 9, 2016

Task: Shia LaBeouf was denied by the security guards – Aftonbladet

Shia LaBeouf partying in Stockholm ended not as planned.

According to the task to be the star having been denied by guards from both the hotel and bar.
– He was tjafsig and childish, ” says an informant to Nöjesbladet.

Shia LaBeouf is finished with the recordings of tennisfilmen "Borg". It was celebrated by a dinner, live music and performances along with the team at an Italian restaurant in the Old Town in Stockholm, sweden.

Shia was delighted with the film and was great in the role, said a person who was present at the restaurant during the evening.

the Actor was running properly during the dinner, and left repeatedly the table to spex for the present guests in the form of song and dance.

– He let loose, ” says a person who was present.

"He wanted to fuss about"

After dinner continued the star’s partying in the Stockholmsnatten.

Later in the night, will the star have been denied admission to a bar in the centre of Stockholm, according to the whistleblower who was on the spot, he then messy.
– He started bitching and then he went.

the Evening will then have continued on the same theme, according to a whistleblower was the star denied even at the Hotel Rival after a discussion with a guard.
– He was tjafsig and childish. No one fussed with him but he wanted to bicker. He walked into the hotel, but was thrown out. Out there, he was tjafsig again and had to go from there. He was not allowed to come into the hotel, ” says an informant.

the Hotel Rival do not want to say anything about the event.
– We have no comments, ” says Caroline Eriksson, ceo at Hotel Rival.

Previous issues

Lebouf is known for its scandals, the actor told me himself in an interview in the Varitey of just a month ago about his drinking problem, and that he hadn’t touched in over a year when the "Alcohol makes you crazy, I can’t handle it and I need to keep a cool head".

He has been arrested by the police on five occasions as a result of their drinking.

Praised Swedish film

Nöjesbladet met Shia LaBeouf earlier in the week to talk about the filming of the upcoming blockbuster film on the Björn Borg life, where the star play Swedish tennis legend and rival to Björn Borg, John McEnroe. The actor then praised the Swedish film industry, and especially the Stellan Skarsgård.

– Stellan hears different things, suddenly it becomes magical, and then it is no more with it. A great honor to work with him. The top 20 in the world as an actor. Top five that man! said LaBeouf, then, about the Swedish actor.

Nöjesbladet has searched the team of press officers for Borgfilmen without result.


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