Friday, October 7, 2016

Carina Berg and Kristian Luuk is different – Aftonbladet

Carina Berg, 38, and Kristian Luuk, 50, differ.

” We have jointly decided to go their separate ways, writes Carina Berg on Instagram.

Programledarparet Carina Berg and samuel west has decided to take divorce.

On their respective Instagramkonton they published a utttalande that is signed by both of them.

"We have jointly decided to go their separate ways. Of course, it feels both sad and boring but we are still very good friends," the couple’s statement. SEE ALSO PLUS got Married in secret – so was Berg & Luuk hottest tv-pair

"Would not comment"

Carina Berg and Kristian Luuk has a seven-year-old son and the couple writes that they do not want to talk more about the divorce because of this:

"Because there are children involved, we have decided not to comment on this more than this".

the Statement is signed with a hjärtemoji and the couple’s two first name.

They got engaged in the summer of 2008 and got married later the same year, in the greatest secrecy, but became a couple far earlier than that.

fell in love on the job

Their relationship started with drama in 2005 when Luuk hand-picked Carina Berg as its programledarpartner in TV4′s "Good night, Sweden" in TV4.

Nöjesbladet was later the same year to publish the first pictures of them together.

When they met were Kristian Luuk was married, had two children, and Carina Berg had been living with her guy for several years. Kristian Luuk has been open with his life crisis surrounding the divorce and the therapy that followed.

” Some things you just have to do. I did not understand then – not until a friend said to me: that I was brave. My brother and a jobbarkompis was there despite the fact that it was my "fault" that we parted, it was I who left. Don’t forget too that I had a cushion to land on, Carina made the same journey as I, he told the magazine We.

in 2006, Kristian Luuk and Carina Berg a villa in Danderyd, sweden.

some time Ago, they are once again the townsfolk and the family has lived in a flat in the Stockholm city centre. SEE ALSO Kristian Luuk: We are expecting a child

Went on skilsmäsokomedi together

the Pair have not been seen in each other’s social media for several months. In an interview with Nöjesbladet at the end of August told us Kristian Luuk on his and Carina Bergs homey in the sofa watching tv.

– In periods of talk and gossip we on tv really much. But we are not out of town and working so much that it may appear in the box, ” he said then.

The synthesis by together in public on 26 september, when at the Rigoletto in Stockholm for the premiere of skilsmässokomedin "I love you" with the Mountain helping Christine Meltzer in the lead role.

Kristian Luuk, in the autumn, led the "Question ” Lund" in sweden, and now plays in a new season of the show "On track". Mountains appeared in the week as the host of "Barncancergalan – the Swedish humorpriset" in the Channel 5 and appearing in "A job for the Mountains" in the autumn.

SEE ALSO Luuk: "Carina earn twice as much."


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