Friday, October 7, 2016

Marcus Erixson about the cooperation with Håkan Hellström – Aftonbladet

Håkan hellström’s new photo book "Sing your life" invites you on an exclusive insight in the popkungens life.

Now, says photographer Marcus Erixson on cooperation with the star.

“He has had a total veto on everything,” says Marcus Erixson.

In the week released the Håkan Hellströms book "Sing your life" with his collected lyrics, complemented with exclusive images from his career. The 8th October will open the exhibition with the same name to the public. The pictures taken by the photographer Marcus Erixon who followed and documented Håkan Hellström in both New York and Gothenburg.

The funny thing is that Håkan has still changes he would make if we press more books. He changes the lyrics as he sings all the time. So it never gets really clear, ” says Marcus Erixson.

Had never heard a Håkan-let

Artist Carl Johan De Geer has helped with the illustrations and painted the addition of photographs to capture the right feeling.

I had never heard a Håkan Hellström-let in the past. So I got the lyrics and read them but I have given up trying to find connections. There are a few, but then I thought that it is so clear images in his songs, so to them it’s no idea to draw, they are already there in the mind of the listeners, ” he says.

During Thursday’s release party for the book and exhibition met Carl Johan De Geer and Håkan Hellström for the first time.

– Håkan asked if I wanted to come up and guest perform with him on stage.

Can you think it?

” If it is in Stockholm, so maybe.

"May the many bad ideas"

Marcus Erixson, who also photographed during the concerts at Ullevi in 2014, has had first-hand during this year’s plays.

” You get a lot of bad ideas in your head that you should not implement. I can push him so he falls of the stage. I can do it. I am not going to do it, but I can. So little tics you get everything, ” he says and laughs.

” My favoritminne is when we went to an indoor, and then we see only a large bus full of people that come running towards us. So I just thought "now this is done, now we need to pull the" but it turned out to be japanese tourists, so they had no idea who he was. So they run just past us and want to take pictures of the view, ” says Marcus Erixson.

release party yesterday

Already on Thursday evening, mingling celebrities at the release party for the book at gallery Wetterling in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm. First of all came the evening’s main protagonist, who declined all interview requests and förvann on the gallery.

Shortly thereafter began the celebs that show up to mingle and check out the book’s pictures for the evening was exhibited at the Wetterlings.

Among other things, the synthesis of the boy band The it starts roughly Conspiracy, Marie Richardson and Jonathan Andersson in the crowd. At the party was also the artist Miriam Bryant, who visited Hakan in one of his plays at the Ullevi stadium.


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