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I am driven by a desire to entertain” – Free Newspapers

Richard is an autistic and disfigured man who wants to reconnect with his mother. To his help he takes the boule and a fifty meters high giant. It is the subject of Johannes Nyholms feature film debut, the Giant.

Johannes Nyholm made a huge impact with the short film, Las Palmas, where his then-year daughter played a middle-aged woman who, in her loneliness bwine and trashar restaurant bars in a resort.

the New movie Giant has been selected to the international film festival in Toronto, and to huvudtävlan at the film festival in San Sebastian, where it received the special jury prize. Like Johannes Nyholms previous films teetering Giant in the borderland between fantasy and reality.

” I like to play with different verklighetsplan in my films. Man is so limited in its vision. There are things that are too big or too small, beyond our comprehension, that we will never be able to see and that we coexist with. I’m fascinated by it, and the magic, the large and small around us.

Johannes Nyholm is the biggest difference between making shorts and feature films that there will be more pieces to put together, and more to work with. Unlike his previous films have not Johannes Nyholm has been a producer for Giant, and one of the challenges has been to preserve the distinctive personal expression that characterize his films.

” It is important for me, I want you to see my handprints in my films, you’ll see a little bit of the person behind, that is why I usually let a little of my tools catch a glimpse of in the movie. I try to be honest. But it gets more difficult when there are many that hold in the brush.

Långfilmsprojektet was born almost ten years ago when Johannes Nyholm made a music video for The Tallest Man on Earth. He wanted to extend the story in the video, so he wrote a script already. But the idea for the story itself got Johannes Nyholm far in the past.

Above all, it was a feberdröm I had as a four year old, that was recurring. It was a dream that gave birth to some existential thoughts as I wrestled with a period of time. I was like trapped in a different body, and could not communicate with others, and others could not communicate with me. The where condition I have tried to recreate in the Giant. It is the state of England is caught in.

It was the feeling of alienation, not being able to reach the other, as Johannes Nyholm wanted to portray in the Giant. Richard’s physical limitations is a manifestation of his psychological state. Despite the heavy topics, the film touches have Johannes Nyholm decided to make the movie as positive as possible.

It had been easy to completely lose bråddjupet, in misery. But instead, I chose the opposite. I chose to focus on Richard’s will to fight, in his fervor. The movie is about hope. Always when I stood at a fork between the seriousness or humor, I have chosen the latter. It is more comedy than drama.

Johannes Nyholm says he thought the same thing when he did Las Palmas. He chose all the time to focus on the positive, and kampviljan, despite the fact that the subject of the film is that a woman super down when she’s alone celebrating his birthday. This desire to maintain the mean Johannes Nyholm is the reason he initially decided to make the film. As a child he wanted to be a clown or magician, and through the film he has been able to combine many of his interests, with it you can both do magic, tell stories and get people to get carried away with.

“I am driven by a desire to entertain, to tell a good tale,” says Johannes Nyholm.

the Facts:

Johannes Nyholm

Occupation: Artist, animator and film director.

Born: 1974 in Umeå, sweden.

Lives: Gothenburg, sweden

Education: Free art & New media, Valand school of fine arts

Previous videos: Dockpojken, 2008, Dreams from the forest, 2009, Las Palmas, 2011, the end of the road, 2012.

the Current: the Giant, theatrical release, 14 October.


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